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CO-NELE refractory castable mixer understands customer needs better

The CO-NELE refractory castable mixer benefits from the planetary operation mode, which can effectively improve the uniformity of material mixing, and the mixing speed is fast and efficient.
planetary concrete mixer
CO-NELE refractory castable mixer brings users a new mixing experience. Material mixing has changed from traditional and single mixing to automatic, intelligent and flexible mixing processing. CO-NELE refractory castable mixer not only improves the production efficiency of refractory materials, but also significantly improves the quality of refractory materials.
planetary concrete mixer
CO-NELE refractory castable mixer can be customized according to customer material requirements, such as liner, blade material, mixer speed, etc. The rich configuration of refractory castable mixer can make the mixer run more smoothly and effectively, and meet the needs of more complex production processes.

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