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co-nele intensive mixer

CO-NELE planetary UHPC concrete mixer is convenient and reliable to use

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  CO-NELE planetary ultra-high performance concrete mixer has a new body style and takes up less space.The installation of the whole machine is simple and convenient.A variety of discharging methods can be arranged flexibly and coordinated with other equipment.

  CO-NELE planetary ultra-high performance concrete mixer designed a vertical barrel according to the working space of the mixing tool.The two coordinated to form a comprehensive mixing without dead corners,and the mixing effect obtained by comparing consumption during the working process is better than ordinary mixers equipment.

uhpc mixer

  The diversified functions of CO-NELE planetary ultra-high performance concrete mixer are more conducive to on-demand production methods,shorten the production cycle,improve the efficiency of the mixer,and can meet the needs of mass production,reduce labor intensity,reduce industrial accidents,and improve work efficiency and product quality.

  CO-NELE planetary ultra-high performance concrete mixer combines advanced and high-precision device configuration,fluid coupling,humidity and temperature control instrument,water metering and other technical devices,through computer automation control to make the advantages of vertical shaft planetary mixer more useful.

  The safety and environmental performance of CO-NELE planetary ultra-high performance concrete mixer is in line with industry trends,driving product upgrades and iterations,and improving equipment innovation.

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