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co-nele intensive mixer

Intensive Mixer in Environmental Technology

2023.1.7  |  CO-NELE

The intensive mixer has great value in the environmental protection industry, mainly used for the recovery and reuse of useful substances, garbage incineration and the treatment of power plant waste.

intensive mixer

Fly ash/fly ash/dust:
Reuse as building materials through mixing, cooling, reaction, etc
Sludge sludge:
By mixing/homogenizing, drying, granulating, used for recovery such as high-temperature process, reducing volume and weight
Application scope: widely used in chemical fertilizer, rubber auxiliary, powdered activated carbon, catalyst, feed, dye, pigment and other industries.
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Refractory Intensive Mixer in Magnesia-carbon Brick

The refractory intensive mixer improves the strength and evenness of magnesia-carbon brick material mixing, and plays a high-performance mixing effect by rotating the cylinder and rotor structure.


Intensive Mixer for Cement Prefabricated Parts Production Line

Intensive mixer for cement prefabricated parts production line can prevent the flying dust from overflowing to avoid the impact on the production environment.


CR Intensive Mixer for Iron Oxide Pigment in Turkey

The strong impact of the CR intensive mixer for iron oxide pigment can quickly disperse the materials entering the inner wall.

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CO-NELE intensive mixers are designed as granulating and pelletizing mixers which produce predictable and reproducible grain sizes.
Just one machine is needed to carry out the two process steps:mixing and granulating/pelletizing.

Technical advantages of CO-NELE mixing granulator

High spheroidization rate, uniform particle size, good particle shape and strong particle density

Rotary mixing drum and granulation tool set are controlled by variable frequency, the speed can be adjusted, the particle size can be controlled by adjusting the speed, and the particle size can be adjusted online

Unloading method Tipping unloading or bottom unloading (hydraulic control), quick and clean unloading, easy to clean

A complete range of models, from small laboratory (5-10L) granulation to large industrial pelletizing, can meet the needs

It has a wide range of applications and can meet the mixing needs of different industries and various materials

Granulator application industry
Molding materials, molecular sieves, proppants, varistor materials, dental materials, ceramic tools, abrasive materials, oxide ceramics, grinding balls, ferrites, etc.

building materials
Porous media of bricks, expanded clay, perlite, etc., refractory ceramsite, clay ceramsite, shale ceramsite, ceramsite filter material, ceramsite brick, ceramsite concrete, etc.

Glass powder, carbon, leaded glass frit, waste glass slag, etc.

Zinc and lead ore, alumina, carborundum, iron ore, etc.

Slaked lime, dolomite, phosphate fertilizers, peat fertilizers, mineral materials, sugar beet seeds, fertilizers, phosphate fertilizers, carbon black, etc.

Environmental friendly
Cement filter dust, fly ash, sludge, dust, lead oxide, fly ash, slag, dust, etc.

Carbon black, metal powder, zirconia

granulating and pelletizing mixers

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