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co-nele intensive mixer

High Quality Foundry Sand Intensive Mixer Made by CO-NELE

  |  CO-NELE

When it comes to tilt intensive mixers, practitioners who know the equipment in developing countries will praise the tilt mixer as a large-scale mixing device with high uniformity, which is rare in the industry. But the advantage of using the inclined mixer is not only the simple mixing.Foundry Sand Intensive Mixer

Summary of advantages:

1. Even mixing: The tilting intensive mixer is loaded with a large stirring shaft, and the shaft is equipped with stirring blades. Under the operation of the driving device, the stirring produces a strong shearing effect and forms an intersecting relationship with the stirring drum itself at a constant speed. This co-operating compound mixing effect makes the material mixing of the inclined mixer quickly reach a uniform state.

2. Low consumption and high efficiency: one device can complete multiple processes.

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