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co-nele intensive mixer

Planetary concrete mixer for mixing ultra high performance concrete

  |  CO-NELE

  Ultra-High Performance Concrete(UHPC)generally refers to a type of concrete whose performance is significantly better than that of ordinary high-performance concrete.Because it is generally required to incorporate chopped steel fibers or other fibers,it is also called Ultra-High Performance Fibre Reinforced Concrete(UHPFRC).

UHPC concrete mixer

  Unlike high-strength concrete(HSC),steel fiber reinforced concrete(SFRC)and traditional high-performance concrete(HPC),UHPC is a high-strength,high-toughness,low-porosity ultra-high-strength cement-based material.It improves the fineness and activity of tissue components without using coarse aggregates to minimize pores and micro-cracks inside the material to achieve ultra-high strength and high durability.Its characteristics are as follows:

  High strength,fire resistance,explosion resistance,hail resistance,chemical resistance

  High durability




  Generally,the structure or component of the ultra-high performance concrete design has a small self-weight,large design freedom,good toughness,high durability,and is in line with sustainable development.

  Ultra high performance decorative concrete application

  UHPC's ultra-high strength,high durability and plasticity make it possible to construct hollowed-out panels,which are filled with flow in a continuous,uncertain curve design.

  1.CMP series vertical axis planetary mixer is suitable for precast concrete(PC components,pipe piles,sleepers,subway segments,floor tiles,ladders,etc.),light industry,heavy chemical industry(glass,ceramics),slag,coal ash and other raw materials.mixing.

  2.Reasonable mixing speed and complex motion trajectory design make the mixing of various materials more intense,more uniform and higher productivity.

  3.The specially designed stirring device makes the stirring speed faster and the mixing more uniform;the mixing blade is more resistant to wear;

  4.Flexible coupling and hydraulic coupler(optional)can effectively protect the transmission system from the impact of overload;

  Qingdao CO-NELE system|Qingdao CO-NELE CMS

  5.The newly developed gearbox has the characteristics of low noise,large torque and strong durability.Even under severe production conditions,the power balance can be effectively distributed to each stirring device,thus ensuring the normal operation of the mixer and achieving high stability and low maintenance cost;

  6.There is no direct contact between the various mixing materials and the output part of the transmission.There is no problem of slurry leakage in the twin-shaft mixer.

  7.The unloading device adopts hydraulic mode.The hydraulic unloading design has a special hydraulic pumping station,which can meet the configuration of 3 discharge doors and has a manual unloading function.In case of emergency,the discharge door can be opened manually.

  8.Reasonably designed discharge door has a more reliable sealing structure to avoid leakage;

  9,beautiful,generous maintenance door design,more convenient maintenance and cleaning;with special
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