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co-nele intensive mixer

CQM1000 Intensive mixer for refractory in South Africa

2022.03.22  |  CO-NELE

Refractory intensive mixer is one of the latest mixing equipment developed by CO-NELE. It has ideal mixing effect and superior performance. It is widely used in the refractory industry at home and abroad.The mixer can mix the materials to a uniform effect in a very short time. The operation of the machine is efficient, the mixing time is short, and the reverse mixing phenomenon will not occur during the mixing process. It adopts low-wear design, blades, costs and other wearing parts. All have wear-resistant protection, the service time of the blade is more convenient for maintenance and use, and the replacement is more convenient.


The refractory intensive mixer can be restarted after a power failure. The overall size of the mixer is small, the installation will not occupy too much space, and the construction cost can be significantly reduced. The operating energy consumption is also low. Compared with the traditional horizontal equipment, the refractory intensive mixer can effectively improve the energy utilization rate. Adding a suitable proportion of pigments into the machine can still achieve homogenization.

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